​​ Misc Classes:

 Earrings $15 + Mat
 Kumihimo (w/ and w/o beads)  $35.00 + Mat
 Stretchy Bracelet $15 + Mat
 Stringing $25 + Mat



              The following weaving classes are $35.00 + mat.  (unless otherwise noted).


 Beaded Bead
 Peyote pendant or bracelet Single / Double Spiral bracelet
 Herringbone Stitch
 Right Angle Weave
 Square Stitch
 Netted pendants and earrings
 Russian Spiral bracelet
 Using 2 hole Beads


 Double Drill Bracelet $25.00 + Mat Wire Wrap Earrings, Pendant, and Rings
  Advanced Wire Sculpting - $100 / hr + mat

We offer the following classes either on a one-on-one or in a group setting.  Material costs are NOT included in the class fee.   Classes are for bracelets unless noted otherwise.  There is an additional charge of $10.00 to swap a bracelet for a necklace.

Click on any of the highlighted examples to see more detail about that class.

Please call 603.734.4322 to register.